Introducing Salina Mwaruri

Writing I’m proud of…
So it’s not quite writing and follows more the oral storytelling tradition but during a difficult time for my family I began to create a series of tales for my sons to help them escape. They are improvised each night and are about my adventures with the animals that live at the bottom of our garden. Everything takes place during the school day so the animals are conveniently only ever seen by me. We all happily suspend our disbelief to develop stories and the children often come up with the names for new animals. Amongst others we have Rock Star Fox, DJ Mole and the Ninja Flying Squirrel Squad. The animals are now part of our family and even smuggled into our luggage two years ago and came on holiday with us to Zimbabwe.

What do you hope to get from the Almasi League Programme?
I’m hoping to increase my writing output so having a timetable to follow and deadlines will really do me good. I’m also looking forward to being part of a writing group and engaging with the wider literary community.

What is your ambition?
To publish to speak my own words to an audience, to go to sleep easily because all the voices in my head are out on paper and are alive!

Who is your favourite writer?
Aminatta Forna

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