Introducing Sian Davila

Tell us about you and a writing achievement you are proud of….
I wrote a 10 minutes play which was performed at the National Theatre and Theatre Stratford Royal East. It was a duologue in response to Brexit. It was also the first time I heard my words spoken by actors to a live audience which was both daunting and exciting at the same time.
What are you hoping to get from the Almasi League?
I am hoping to meet and get to know fellow writers. I want to really get to grips with how to draft and redraft whilst learning from constructive feedback. My aim is to have completed the course with a finished novel.
What is your ambition?
I want to expand my portfolio as a writer and I hope to one day be published and represented by an agent. Most importantly I’d really like to hone my craft and improve myself as a writer.
What is your favourite book?
That’s a hard question, there are so many! I really liked Matt Haig’s Humans. It’s witty and holds the imagination.


Twitter: @siandavila

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