Journal: Ninth Edition

A brilliant class visit from our editors and publishers this month, Richard Beswick (Little, Brown) Sharmaine Lovegrove (Dialogue Books) and Kit Caless (Influx), who were all absolutely fantastic.  The three spent a full two hours answering questions and giving insights and all aspects of the business, giving do’s and don’t’s of covering letters and submissions, what to look out for in the proofing and production stage, and tips on networking and broadening contact lists.

It was an invaluable master class given in a very relaxed and jovial manner, which put the Almasi league students at ease, and enabled them to ask all manner of difficult questions.  One key question was, how long should a writer work with an editor without a contract, to which all three answered that it’s always best to work on edits WITH a contract.

There were many more questions like this, which proved that without adequate representation or good solid advice, many writers can find themselves doing the wrong things. It was amazing to have such a wealth of experience in the room, and the writers were buzzing afterwards with the knowledge they’d gained.

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