Journal: Seventh Edition

We had a class visit from editor and publisher Ellah Alfrey this month, which was informative and inspiring as her first visit to the Almasi League.  In an informal, Q&A type setting which involved all of the group, Ellah spoke for over an hour and a half about fighting the urge to seek ‘permission to write’ from the industry, how to cultivate your own unique voice, and her experiences of working for Random House and Granta.  Having the privilege of such a lengthy conversation with someone, as a pivotal member of the literary world, was riveting, and well worth giving up our workshop time for!

After the session with Ellah was finished, we talked over our responses to find them uniformly positive.  I really felt new ground had been broken in terms of the writer’s perspectives on their own work, and whether they should determine to ‘fit’ themselves into the marketplace, or carve out one, or many, for themselves. As one writer said, ‘it gave me life!’

Many thanks to Ellah Alfrey for another stunning workshop.

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